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* Walking Harnesses and Car Safety Harnesses for Dogs and Cats

Mr. Wags
The Mr. Wags Walking Harness has been on the market since 2001.  We actually made our Mr. Wags pattern from scratch.  A regular webbed harness is impossible to use with arthritic hands, so we went home with newspaper, pencil, and scissors in hand and literally cut a pattern, trying newspaper to dog many times, to fit the dog.  We then took the newspaper pattern and cut fabric and actually sewed one together. With a few nips and tucks, it was what became our Mr. Wags Walking Harness.  Over a period of several months, we took our other sizes to the our dog shows and fitted them to the different breeds.  We finally got them to the fit the way we wanted.  We are very proud of  our harness.  

All Mr. Wags harnesses are made in Maryville, TN.   We are unique in that we have many fabrics to offer.  We use such fabrics as cottons, suede's  mesh, winter-fleece  and others to make as much of a variety as possible for you .  

Another advantage to buy Mr. Wags is that we can alter the length of the neck or belly to your specifications.

Leads are also make to match.  With poly webbing inside the lead for strength and a swivel snap.to make it complete.

Look at this website often.  We add fabrics often, especially at the beginning of the seasons.   Some of our fabrics come in limited quantity so we are limited to the amount of harnesses we can get out of it.  That is why everything is made to order.  

Please always allow some time for delivery.  All Harnesses are made to order.  You always get fresh product with fresh fabrics.

  • Quick and easy. On and off in seconds for those impatient pets. We use and industrial Velcro  It is extremely strong and will hold together steadfastly.
  • Very light weight and fully adjustable to fit your little darling just perfectly.
  • Designed to relieve pressure off your dog's neck and traecha.
  • Machine washable and dry-able.
  • Five sizes to fit any small breed up to/around 25 lbs.
  • Note: Harnesses do run small. If your pet is at the top of the neck size, you will need to order the next size up.

Sizes -

XX-Small - (4" - 6" neck) - (7" - 10" chest)
X-Small - (6" - 8" neck) - (10" - 12" chest) 
Small - -(8" - 10" neck) - (12" - 14" chest) 
Medium - -(10" - 12" neck) - (14" - 16" chest) 
Medium Long (+1" under the belly) (10" - 12" neck) - (14" - 17.5" chest) 
Large - -(13" - 15" neck) - (18" - 22" chest) 
X-Large - -(16" - 18" neck) - (24" - 28" chest)
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Mr. Wags Walking Harnesses with lots of fabrics available
Mr. Wags Walking Harnesses with lots of fabrics available
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