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Our New Ultra Thick Fleece is 1 1/4” of pure luxury.  Our fleece is one of the Thickest on the Market.  We just up-ed the oz. count  20%.  Our quilt is either 100% colorfast cotton or a cotton/poly blend.  But all is made for the home decorating industry.  We have it quilted to our specifications with a thick 2 1/2”, extremely dense poly batting and backing made for the commercial industry, assuring it will hold its shape.  Our mats are made for durability but yet very attractive to offer to your customers.  There’s nothing hidden inside.  No foam, fiberfill, or batting to bulk or bunch.  Truly totally machine washable and dry-ableThese mats have been on the dog show circuit since 1993.  We have earned a reputation for being the best mat offered


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Double Quilted Mats  (Not available until January 2020)
Double Quilted Mats (Not available until January 2020)
These mats are wonderful for tossing around the kennel, house, car, etc. They are made with the same wonderful quilted designer fabrics. Top Stitched together. Shipped assorted.

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